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Hi! I’m Alyssa (that’s me in the orange blazer)- an enneagram 4, avid thrift shopper, vegetarian, and lover of coffee and the written word. I have come to believe that when perspective changes, the world changes. Opportunists have long been defined as self-seeking and morally deficient, but I believe something a bit different. Our lives are filled each and every day with God-ordained chances to love, serve, give, and learn. Every opportunity is a gift from God, and I want to work on being a more gracious receiver. Recently I learned that the Greek word for opportunity, kairos, refers to a, “serendipitous window of opportunity.”  The opportunist knows that creativity lives and thrives in the colors of a heart: painted, pasted, and chipped by the moments many are too afraid to embrace.  Earning life’s colors begins by giving opportunity a chance and being relentlessly bold in the face of fear.  Living in service and in love to others reveals our colors, one by one, until we are left a beautiful masterpiece that defines us in a brilliantly altered light.