I’m just a twenty-something writer, adventurer, and pursuer of passions on a endless journey of self-betterment and discovery. I have come to believe that when perspective changes, the world changes. Opportunists have long been defined as self-seeking and morally deficient, but I like to think being an opportunist means I take life as it comes to me, and have faith that my actions will someday earn wings. When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade, and when God gives you opportunities, you should take them. The opportunist knows that creativity lives and thrives in the colors of a heart: painted, pasted, and chipped by the moments many are too afraid to allow. So why October? Well, I was born in October, but that is actually not the reason for it being my favorite time of year. The purpose of October is for earth’s living creatures to reveal magnificent colors they have been hiding all year. I believe people have an October too. Earning life’s colors begins by giving opportunity a chance and being relentlessly bold in the face of fear.  Living in service and in love to others reveals our colors, one by one, until we are left a beautiful masterpiece that defines us in a brilliantly altered light.